Here’s a car that costs more than your home (probably)

There are a lot of hot cars out there.  But the Porsche Carerra GT might be the hottest of them all.  (Like I speak from personal experience.)  Here’s car that once you load up all the extras and bells and whistles can set you back about $400,000.

And here’s a Porsche Carrera in action.  Notice how it sounds like a monster from the deep, like a living entity.  The driver here is obviously a professional, so don’t try this with your own Porsche Carrera.  Or your pickup, God forbid.

Here’s another one - this one possibly modified for racing but still having that unmistakable Carrera insane sound.

(Side note: Ellie and I recently did posts about stupid men and stupid women, respectfully, but I think the most stupid human beings on the planet are the people standing right beside the road in this video when the car is making hair-pin turns at who knows what kind of speed.) 

There were only 1,270 Porsche Carrera GTs produced, in the production years of 2004-2006, according to Wikipedia.  They have a six-speed manual transmission and a 5.7-litre V10 engine.  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price was $440,000.  The dealer’s was around $414,000.

This car will do zero to 60 MPH in – are you ready for this?  Zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds.  It takes me longer than that to find the toilet handle in the middle of the night!  Top speed for the Carrera GT?  201 MPH!  And this is a street-legal car.  You can buy one and drive it that fast – because what cop would catch you?  (Just kidding – don’t drive 201 MPH in Fort Smith.)

Believe me, Ellie and I aren’t involved with Porsche in any way.  And we’re not trying to encourage you to go out and find $400,000 to lay down on a car – BUY A HOME INSTEAD!  But it’s always fun to take a peek into the world of true luxury and see how the other .005% live.

But you know, as fun as it would be to drive one of those Carrera GTs, assuming I could keep from spinning out and cracking it up and killing myself and then needing far more than 3.7 seconds to find the toilet handle in the middle of the night, I’m very happy just driving a normal vehicle.  It gets me where I want and need to go, and it lets me live my live the way I want to.

It just amazes me how much a car can cost.  Truly a top of the line Carrera has a higher value than most people’s homes in America.  If you ask me, I’ll take a $400,000 home over a $400,000 car any day.  And that home will come with a garage I can park my $35,000 car in, no problem.

Enjoy luxury.  But live wisely according to your means.

Nick & Ellie



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